Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The beginning

We're Ida and Laura from Tallinn.. We thought that we'd tell you about ourselves a bit in the first post.

<--- Ida & Laura --->

Ida: I'm 15. My birthday is on the 16th of January (I'm a Capricorn) and my lucky number is 4. I live in the centre of Tallinn, which is good, 'cause if I'd live farther away, I'd be too lazy to ever go out.
I'm 166 cm tall and 43 kg so tad underweight. It really bothers me, when people think that you can only be underweight if you have an eating disorder. I have dark blond hair to my lower back. My feet and hands are very small, the feet are size 3 UK/35.5 Europian.
I'm obsessed with feminine clothing like skirts, dresses, heels, ballerina shoes, cardigans. My colours for clothing are white, grey, black with a splash of red. Though during the summer, I do wear clolour. I'd like to think of this as a semi-fashion blog. I buy A LOT of purses and scarves from second-hand stores, because they're super-cheap here!
My heads always filled with non-important knowledge about anything and everything. People get mad at me for knowing to much. I'm the nerd of the two.
I'm also the calm one of the two of us, usually the clear head in the bunch.

laura: i'm 14. my birthday is in october which makes me a scorpio - i love being a scorpio! my shoe nr. is 6,1/2 (39,5). i'm 171 cm tall and i weigh 64 kg. i know i am a bit overweight but that doesn't make me eat less. i love chocolate and i don't care if i am a bit chubby. i have red hair and a mole under my left eye. i have huge (soft) cheeks and very full lips. i have asian kind-of eyes which are greenish. i really do look a bit asian.
i am completely obsessed with androgyny - i love vests, bow ties, cool shoes, black tight pants, white shirts, etc. i love autumn and adooooooore rain.
i have been having an identity crisis my whole life - i used to wear doc. martens'es and ripped pants, then i had a hippie period and right now i'm into the androgynous kind of style.
i have a totally crazy taste in music and films, i love theatre and cinema and i love making muffins.
i don't really wear a lot of colors, so most of my clothes are blackish, whitish, grayish.
in my free time i sibble around second-hands and draw. i love drawing. i might (if you're lucky!) post some of my drawings here as well. i hate sport. and i actually hate capital letters - i NEVER use them. Hahahahahahhaahhaahhahahahahaaaaa. I'm weird. i love photography. i love anime. and the thing you should know about me is that : i'm a complete perv.
so basically i'm the boyish one of the two.
[--laura xx]

As the name of the blog says, we're obsessed with finding perfect eyebrows. There are so many ugl-EH eyebrows walking around on the streets, it's killing us!