Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st of september + new leather jackets.

so.. um. the 1st of september was really good! we had a great time. we have some new teachers and to tell you the truth... i can't wait for tomorrow - the first day of school! and also, me and ida bought new leather jackets today. i don't know if she'll post pics of hers later, but here are mine :

ain't it the coolest? i love it! what do you think?

anyway, that's it for now...
lots of love n' rain to you all,
--laura xx


Thursday, August 27, 2009

i was "IN" the cinema, watching "BASTERDS" which was "GLOURIOUS."

omg, omg, omg. it was awesome! it was so good. i'm gonna go see it again this week and then later again with ida. it was so good. like i think i even agree with tarantino who said "i think this just might be my masterpiece." seriously, it was that good. (and i've seen all of his movies exept jackie brown.)

my favorite characters were:

Hugo Stiglitz played by Til Schweiger
Sturmbannführer Dieter Hellstrom played by August Diehl.

who were your favorites? leave a comment!

and to you people who have no idea what i'm talking about... "go see the movie! seriously!"
and here's the trailer:


Sunday, August 16, 2009

truly sorry.

yes, like the title says, i am truly sorry that i haven't written in a while. sorry, sorry, sorry. my summer has been so full so let me tell you a bit about it :

1) i lost 11 lbs. which is amazing for me!
2) i was in lithuania - that was fun. lots of new experiences like... i took part in a badminton tournament. even though i couldn't play badminton, i learned.
3) when, i came back to tallinn, i met up with ida and took pictures. both of our looks that we made that day, became extremly popular.

( please hype! )

then. we went to haapsalu for 4 days and 3 night and also took pictures there.

( please hype! )

then we came back to tallinn and i stayed over at hers for a night and took pictures... again! : )

( please hype! )

then we came straight to käsmu where she stayed for 5 days and 4 nights. then she left but i'm still here. sorry, but no pictures right now. just the looks. but we did take many pics, so before the end of summer, we will post them here. and as new schoolyear resolution, i promise to write more often!

anyway, so that's that. nothing new right now.

lots of love n' rain,
--laura xx


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Worst weather

Hey hey!

It's raining and there's thunder, boy I'm glad I didn't have any plans for today! I'm having a home-day, watching tv-shows from my computer and repainting my nails.

My mother was half-tricked into making a wedding dress for the daughter of an old friend so we have this in our living room:
Have a lovely day, I hope your weather is better than mine!



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lookbook look + graveyard

Hey hey!

So sorry for the long wait, I've been without internet for a week.

Today I went to the cemetery with my grandmother and mother to visit the graves of my great grandmother and great grandfather. We do it once a year, because my grandmother doesn't want to get so far away from home more than that as she's already 81. We took some pictures of out hands together. It's a tad scary to think that my hands will be looking like that one day...
We also spilled some strawberries on someone's grave... accidentally of course!

An then I took some pictures for lookbook. Check it out! http://lookbook.nu/look/191059-Drastic-measures



Thursday, July 2, 2009

vacation, & "american history x"

hey, everyone. i'm so sorry i haven't written in a while!
so, well.. right now i am in lithuania. i have already been to kaunas, klaipeda, nida and juodkrante. right now i am back in klaipeda at my aunt's place. tomottow i am going away to a place with no wifi... again, i know. i'm so sorry! i seriously don't think i'll be able to right again before the 28th of july.
so i'll try making this post longer. : )

so recently i was in juodkrante and nida and it was really cool there. we visited a lot of dunes. and well.. i don't have any picture right now. i think i'm gonna post some later on.. or not. : )

so while i was in juodkrante... i watched a lot of movies with my brother... and A LOT of south park.
the best movies we watched were : AMERICAN HISTORY X , blue in the face and dark city. i had seen the last one before as well.
but the one i want to tell you about is american history x. seriously - i don't think i've seen a better movie in a looooooooooong time. it was so good. i mean i watched it over and over and over. so i'm gonna analyze that a bit :

This flashback-laden film delves into the world of a former neo-NAZI and shows how his hatred spawned itself in his younger brother. After committing a brutal assault and Derek is sent to prison. There he sees that all humans have potential and all life should be respected. His life turned around and back out on the streets he tries to cure his brother of the same disease that took him.


1st - edward norton played... oh, i don't know. it was total divinity. he was so good! i had seen him before in other films as well, but this one blew me away. after this i realised he deserves an oscar for evry one of his role. for instance, he was amazing in fight club as well, which pretty much is my favorite movie.
2nd - the movie talked about such an... ugly subject with such beauty. it wasbeatiful and hideous at the same time.
3rd - nice touch! it had a lot of flashback and all of the flashbacks were b/w and the present had colors.
4th - edward furlong, who also played in terminator 2 (young john connor) also made a good skinhead!
5th - that movie actually made me cry at sme points and trust me - i'm not a softie! hahahahahhahahahahahahaha............
6th - well.. basically. it was just a masterpiece.


*ahem* eeeeeehhhhhhmmm...... none.. wow.

but seriously.. you gotta watch it! it is so good.

PART 1 of the movie


oh! just another picture i found... i really like it. i don't know why. that's me with my friends. : )

that's me in the right corner. : )

so, anyway... see you later!
i hope, you all have an amazing summer!
--laura xx


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I've been up to?

Hey hey!

So sorry for the long wait, I've had a lot going on so no time to post.
I have visited the islands called Saaremaa and Vormsi in the mean time. Plus working in Saint Catherine's church.
It's quite hot here and I can't stand the heat very well so I'm very lethargic all the time! It annoys me so much, I actually had a heatstroke because it was too hot in the car.

Oh and I have a new look up on lookbook.nu
Check it out! http://lookbook.nu/look/179269-Working-hours