Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I've been up to?

Hey hey!

So sorry for the long wait, I've had a lot going on so no time to post.
I have visited the islands called Saaremaa and Vormsi in the mean time. Plus working in Saint Catherine's church.
It's quite hot here and I can't stand the heat very well so I'm very lethargic all the time! It annoys me so much, I actually had a heatstroke because it was too hot in the car.

Oh and I have a new look up on lookbook.nu
Check it out! http://lookbook.nu/look/179269-Working-hours



Sunday, June 14, 2009


sorry, i haven't written in a while. i have a complete overhaul in my room, i'm renovating and reconstructing my whole room. i'll be sure to post some pictures later. ;)

so this is the new color! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://www.arte-fakte.ee/files/prod/318.jpg">
the coolest clock i have ever seen and will get as well -

the MUST-HAVE-SPEAKERS!!! my heart beats only for them -

awesome dish plates -

another lamp i will place in the corner of my room (but i'm not completly sure if i'll buy this) -

so, i hope you all are as psyched as i am (so... a lot!) and i wish you all an amazing summer,
--laura xx


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monki shirt


Just a quick update, but I have to show you this AMAZING shirt I got a few days ago! It's from Monki, a store that I adore (that rhymed).
I'll be posting some pictures of me in my new clothes, when I get back to Estonia on the 18th.

So long,



Wednesday, June 10, 2009



I'm in Sweden right now, visiting my sister. I'll be here until the 18th. With Sweden comes lots of shopping, this time for summer clothes. Yei! When I can I'm going to take a picture of the things I've bought later.
Also, I went to my friend's graduation ceremony today. I feel quite sad for them that they had to have it with such bad weather (it's raining here). Oh well...
That's all for today.

So long (and thanks for all the fish),



Tuesday, June 9, 2009


so... i promised some pictures from our trip so here they are!

me and ida.

me and magdaleena.

me and ida and magdaleena.

me and helme.

me and ida.


sorry, i just saw star trek(best movie i've seen in a while, btw!) and i just h a v e to post this here...

the perfect eyebrows : (xD)

live long and prosper,
--laura xx



so, hi everybody! like i told you before, i had a party on monday and it was aweeeesome!
there were 9 of us and we took the train out of town and were at a friend's saunahouse. we went rowing and did lots of cool stuff.
but real party started at 3 o'clock. we were pretty loosey and then 4 boys had ridden a taxi there... at 3 o'clock in the night! but the journey there was pretty long, 'cause you have to ride an hour with a train to get there so their taxi bill was pretty heavy : about 50 dollars. and actually i think that it should be a lot well, but oh, well. so that's when the party started - it was awesome.
but anyway, i'm not sure, but i think i'll post some pictures later on as well (+ the class trip ones).
--laura xx


Saturday, June 6, 2009

cutting hair slash getting a job

Got a haircut for the first time in 3 years. Nothing drastic, just some trimming. I have forgotten how nice it feels, when someone does something to your hair.
As for my report card (as Laura already told you about hers), I got all 5's. Boring, I know. But as I said, I'm the nerd.
About Helsinki... I think Laura summed it up quite well. We have lots of fun and that's what matters.

Got some excellent news a few days ago, I got the job as a ticket and souvenir salesperson in Saint Cathrine's Church in Tallinn's Old Town for the summer! I'm super-hyped about that, can't wait!



finally it's officially summer!

oh, yeah, baby! i'm so happy. yesterday was the last day of school.. and then we had a concert later in the evening, which was very rad.
my grades weren't that rad though.. in estonia the highest grade is 5 and the lowest is well.. basically 2. but if you get a 1 then you're a ultimate failure. :D i had mostly 4's, a few 5's and 3 3's, which sucks.. but you know..
i'm still glad it's summer!
on monday me and a few of my friends are going to have a "yay-we-are-so-glad-school's-over-party." so i'm really looking forward to that.


now, it is a eyebrowfreakblog, so i'm going to post a picture of a type of eyebrows i h-a-t-e:

aren't they hideous? i mean i hate people who pluck away(?) all their eyebrows and then draw new ones. ugl-EH!

lots of sunshine to all of you,
--laura xx


Thursday, June 4, 2009

ha ha, we had a class trip to helsinki.

so.. um : we had a class trip to helsinki (as the title says) and it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. totally. i loved it.
we went to heureka and even though i had been there before i loved it. and we watched a movie which was narrated by harrison ford! (L)
and later we went shopping and i bought some makeup from h&m and a B-O-W-T-I-E and a russian scarf from uff. it was so cool.
we ate some kebab and just enjoyed ourselves. i think i might post some pictures later on.
another thing.. i just have to post this video here :
this is sooooooooo funny. :D
anyway, lots of love n' sunshine,
--laura xx


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The beginning

We're Ida and Laura from Tallinn.. We thought that we'd tell you about ourselves a bit in the first post.

<--- Ida & Laura --->

Ida: I'm 15. My birthday is on the 16th of January (I'm a Capricorn) and my lucky number is 4. I live in the centre of Tallinn, which is good, 'cause if I'd live farther away, I'd be too lazy to ever go out.
I'm 166 cm tall and 43 kg so tad underweight. It really bothers me, when people think that you can only be underweight if you have an eating disorder. I have dark blond hair to my lower back. My feet and hands are very small, the feet are size 3 UK/35.5 Europian.
I'm obsessed with feminine clothing like skirts, dresses, heels, ballerina shoes, cardigans. My colours for clothing are white, grey, black with a splash of red. Though during the summer, I do wear clolour. I'd like to think of this as a semi-fashion blog. I buy A LOT of purses and scarves from second-hand stores, because they're super-cheap here!
My heads always filled with non-important knowledge about anything and everything. People get mad at me for knowing to much. I'm the nerd of the two.
I'm also the calm one of the two of us, usually the clear head in the bunch.

laura: i'm 14. my birthday is in october which makes me a scorpio - i love being a scorpio! my shoe nr. is 6,1/2 (39,5). i'm 171 cm tall and i weigh 64 kg. i know i am a bit overweight but that doesn't make me eat less. i love chocolate and i don't care if i am a bit chubby. i have red hair and a mole under my left eye. i have huge (soft) cheeks and very full lips. i have asian kind-of eyes which are greenish. i really do look a bit asian.
i am completely obsessed with androgyny - i love vests, bow ties, cool shoes, black tight pants, white shirts, etc. i love autumn and adooooooore rain.
i have been having an identity crisis my whole life - i used to wear doc. martens'es and ripped pants, then i had a hippie period and right now i'm into the androgynous kind of style.
i have a totally crazy taste in music and films, i love theatre and cinema and i love making muffins.
i don't really wear a lot of colors, so most of my clothes are blackish, whitish, grayish.
in my free time i sibble around second-hands and draw. i love drawing. i might (if you're lucky!) post some of my drawings here as well. i hate sport. and i actually hate capital letters - i NEVER use them. Hahahahahahhaahhaahhahahahahaaaaa. I'm weird. i love photography. i love anime. and the thing you should know about me is that : i'm a complete perv.
so basically i'm the boyish one of the two.
[--laura xx]

As the name of the blog says, we're obsessed with finding perfect eyebrows. There are so many ugl-EH eyebrows walking around on the streets, it's killing us!